Catastrophe Response

In the aftermath of any catastrophic event, policyholders and claimants expect fast, responsive service. Crawford is uniquely equipped to handle the increases in volume, complexity and the additional stress and strain on the system of carrier infrastructure. In this space, we provide the latest information on how Crawford is responding to recent severe weather events/disasters and other major events.

Major Events

Crawford is the industry's leading independent adjusting resource for insurance claim management in response to natural and man-made disasters. In this section, you will find detailed information on our response to any major event Crawford is currently handling.

Analysis and Resources

During the last 70 years, Crawford has handled all kinds of property and casualty claims, both large and small. In this section, we share our expertise and lessons learned from select severe storms and other major events.


Market Update: Floods in Malaysia
Crawford Malaysia adjusters have mobilised in response to some of the worst flooding in the country’s history in five of the North/East Coast States.
Market Update: Typhoon Hagupit
A year on from bringing homes and businesses back from the brink after Typhoon Haiyan, Crawford & Company’s adjusters have once again been mobilised as Hagupit swept through the Philippines this weekend.
Market Update: Crawford Response to Brisbane Hailstorm
On Thursday 27 November 2014 Brisbane was struck by what a Bureau of Meteorology spokesman described as “the worst hail storm in 10 years”. Two smaller hail storms merged to create a Supercell. The hail, which in some cases was up to 10cm in diameter, was accompanied by strong winds which equated to a Category 2 cyclone.
Market Update: Tropical Storm Fung-Wong - Philippines
Tropical Storm Fung‐Wong badly affected Southern Luzon on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 September 2014. This Category 1 tropical storm was made worse by half a month’s rainfall across the Island of Luzon in a very short period. Winds up to 70 kilometres per hour were experienced in places and severe flooding affected the area after heavy and prolonged rainfall.
Market Update: Tropical Storm Fung-Wong - Taiwan
Tropical Storm Fung‐Wong made land‐fall on the island of Taiwan on Saturday, 21 September 2014. Classified as a severe tropical storm, Fung‐Wong brought heavy rainfall throughout the island. Our Taiwan office has been unaffected and our team of adjusters is ready to respond to claims arising from the storm.
Market Update: Kashmir Floods
Thousands of people are still thought to be stranded in Indian administered Kashmir nearly two weeks after devastating floods there. Our team is ready to visit Srinagar at short notice and as soon as the area became accessible, we will immediately mobilise our resources to Srinagar to provide assistance in the catastrophe affected area.
Gas Explosion in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
In the second tragedy to hit Taiwan in the last two weeks, multiple gas explosions occurred late Thursday night, 31 July 2014, in the southern port city of Kaohsiung.
Market Update: Typhoon Matmo ‐ Taiwan
Typhoon Matmo (Henry) has the distinction of being the first tropical storm to make landfall on Taiwan in 2014. Classified as a Category 2 severe tropical storm, Matmo brought fierce winds and torrential rainfall as it crossed the island and made its way toward the Taiwan Strait and the southeast coast of China. Our Taiwan office has been unaffected and our team of adjusters is ready to respond to claims arising from the storm.
Market Update: Typhoon Rammasun (Local Name: Glenda)
This category 3 storm first made landfall in Albay Province with sustained winds of 130 kph with gusts of up to 165kph. Crawford Philippines is now responding to claims at a variety of different commercial, industrial, construction and power complexes in the areas of damage.
Market Update: Typhoon Neoguri - Japan
Crawford & Company’s Japanese operations are on alert after authorities urged hundreds of thousands of people in the country’s Okinawa island chain to seek shelter against Typhoon Neoguri.
Market Update: Unrest in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Vietnamese protestors have targeted foreign owned factories in an angry reaction to Chinese oil drilling in a part of the South China Sea claimed by Vietnam.
Crawford responds to bushfires
On 12 January 2014 a bushfire developed in Parkerville which is a semi-rural location situated in the Perth Hills district of Western Australia.  Authorities have confirmed that 55 properties have been lost.
Crawford responds to floods in Jakarta
Crawford & Company in Indonesia are on alert, following a period  of sustained heavy rain in the country’s capital and across Java,  Sumatra, Sulawesi and other islands.