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Lights, Camera, Damage
Claims Canada - November 2010
One of the most difficult and challenging claims in dealing with the film and television business can be the third party property losses.
Taking Command
Risk & Insurance - October 2010
Cyril Tuohy, managing editor of Risk & Insurance, recently spoke with Crawford President and CEO Jeffrey T. Bowman about the long-term growth prospects of the company, changing technology and the future of the claims business in "Taking Command," published in the October issue of the magazine.
Enough Is Enough: Insurers Around the Globe Are Taking a New View on Fraud
Claims Advisor - Fall 2010
In today's economic climate, insurers around the world have a reduced tolerance for fraud and its multi-billion-dollar price tag. Rather than focusing on the cost to establish fraud reduction programs, they are taking a longer view and considering the potential return on investment. Crawford President and CEO Jeffrey T. Bowman discusses new and improved solutions insurers are adopting to help identify and eliminate fraud in his most recent Claims Advisor "Global View" column.
Claims Canada - August 20, 2010
This is the third iteration of this article. The first version was released in 1996 as public adjusters were initiating the Appraisal process as a means to resolve disputes on property losses. At that time, the insurance and legal communities were also beginning to awaken to how they might invoke this rarely used alternate dispute mechanism built into the contract of insurance.
Rules of Engagement
Claims Magazine - July 2010
Even experienced, knowledgeable professionals will encounter claims for which they need the assistance of a forensic expert to reach a settlement. But as is true in the beginning of every relationship, engaging a forensic expert is best done with eyes wide open - on both sides. Crawford adjuster John Goff explores the essential relationship between the claim professional and expert and discusses fundamental rules for working together in "Rules of Engagement," published in the July 2010 issue of Claims Magazine.
Speaking Of: Property Certifications
Claims Magazine - July 2010
KMC On DemandSM and a key insurance industry advisory committee are launching a Property Technical Certification (PTC) program designed to fill a gap in validation of expertise among property claims adjusters. Colm Keenan, vice president of knowledge management for Crawford's KMC On Demand, discusses why such a certification is needed and how insurers are responding to it in "Speaking Of: Property Certifications," a question-and-answer with Claims Magazine editor Eric Gilkey published in July 2010.
From Analysis to Action: New Ways to Mine, Present and Collaborate on Data
Claims Advisor – Summer 2010
Data analytics drive everything today. Accurate data analysis can provide certainty where none existed before for both adjusters and clients. But for too long, claims data has been an untapped source when judging the effectiveness of insurance programs. Making data actionable has been the problem, and new types of technology are helping to solve it. Crawford President and CEO Jeffrey T. Bowman talks about text mining tools, dashboards and integrating analytics with social networking in his latest Claims Advisor "Global View" column, "From Analysis to Action: New Ways to Mine, Present and Collaborate on Data."
The Bigger They Are
Rough Notes – May 2010
Most of the time, the nation's 9 million large trucks deliver their goods without incident. But sometimes accidents happen, and when they do, people like Crawford senior adjuster David Miller get a call. Miller discusses how he goes about managing an accident scene, protecting cargo and reconstructing accidents to determine cause in "The Bigger They Are," a Rough Notes feature in May 2010.
Tricks of the Trade
Claims Magazine – May 2010
In life, there are those who are book smart and those who are street smart. In claims adjusting, street smarts are required, and they must be honed from day one on the job if an adjuster is to succeed. Claims Magazine editor Eric Gilkey spoke with Rich Lafayette, managing director and executive general adjuster with Crawford & Company, about practical skills and experience needed to excel in the claims world in "Tricks of the Trade," the cover story of the May issue of the publication
Wanted: The Next Generation of Claims Adjusters
Claims Advisor - Spring 2010
In a time when large-loss expertise is critical to carriers, a generation of experienced adjusters is preparing to leave the worldwide insurance workforce. At the same time, the insurance industry has long had difficulty attracting and keeping adjusters who could learn from their predecessors. How does the industry make sure it has the right people in the right place as retirements accelerate? Crawford President and CEO Jeffrey Bowman discusses "Wanted: The Next Generation of Claims Adjusters," in his new column, "Global View," which debuted in the Spring issue of Claims Advisor magazine.
Navigating Commercial Building Losses
Claims Magazine – February 2010
Crawford's John Goff, a property general adjuster based in Columbia, Maryland, showcased his expertise in a bylined article, "Navigating Commercial Building Losses," published in February's Claims Magazine. In his article, he discusses the challenges of commercial loss adjusting, including multiple stakeholders, unique building construction and the financial impact of business interruption, and how to recognize those specific issues and ultimately control indemnity and claim expenses for insured parties.
A Tale of Two Seasons
Claims Magazine – January 2010
There are forces that operate in this life that move in certain, easily identified and oft-repeated patterns – and then there’s the weather. Claim professionals and executives know this all too well. Many are exhaling a sigh of relief as 2010 gets underway, having had a chance to catch their breath due largely in part to a catastrophe season that wrapped up last month with the fewest named storms and hurricanes since 1997. Crawford's Kevin Frawley and Bud Trice are featured in this Claims Magazine cover story, which discusses the 2009 CAT season and its implications for the insurance industry and claims adjusters.