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Changing Times, Changing Education Strategies
www.propertycasualty360.com - October 2011
In years past, many people landed their first jobs thanks to their education and perhaps some industry knowledge. Today, knowledge and learning expectations for both newly hired and long-time employees have changed. The pressure is on to skill-up quickly, maintain competencies in changing environments and accept learning delivery in many different forms. Learners have changed, too. One-size-fits-all no longer applies to training in any organization that needs to reach people of many ages and experience levels. In this article, Doug Dell, SVP of eLearning Services for Crawford & Company, discusses learning trends and opportunities in the insurance industry.
Managing Repairs, Managing Costs
Claims Advisor – Fall 2011
We are all aware by now that the recent Great Recession accelerated certain negative financial trends in the property/casualty insurance industry. In response, insurers around the world are coming up with innovative ways to deal with cost control and capital management while still attempting to increase customer satisfaction. One practice that can speed up claims closure and reduce costs on smaller claims is managed or direct repair services for vehicle and building damages. Jeffrey T. Bowman, Crawford president and CEO, discusses this trend in his latest “Global View” column, published in the fall issue of Claims Advisor.
A Co-Ordinated Response
The British Insurance Awards Souvenir Supplement - July 2011 By delivering a swift and coordinated response to recent global catastrophes, Crawford & Company raised the bar for the claims industry and won Service Provider of the Year honors at The British Insurance Awards 2011. Post Magazine's Mairi McDonald discusses how Crawford did it in this special supplement for the award program.
The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall
Claims Advisor - Summer 2011
While all losses are significant to those who experience them, in terms of dollar value, a relatively small number would be considered large losses by the industry. However, a small handful of large claims can cost insurers millions if they are not handled appropriately. To improve claim performance and achieve the best outcomes, insurance organizations are implementing several new approaches to handling large losses. Crawford President and CEO Jeffrey T. Bowman's latest Claims Advisor "Global View" column talks about some of those approaches.
Shared Accountability
Smart Business Atlanta - June 2011
One of Jeffrey T. Bowman's first acts when he became president and CEO of Crawford & Company was to create a strategic plan for the company with his new management team. Changing a business "is a journey, and your strategy helps you lay that journey out because you can never change a culture immediately," Bowman says. Read more about how Bowman developed a roadmap for Crawford in "Shared Accountability," the cover story in the June issue of Smart Business Atlanta.
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Making the Case for Runoff
Claims Advisor - Spring 2011
In the wake of reduced claims frequency and investment income, insurers worldwide have been working to bolster profitability. One way that may have staying power is voluntarily placing low-margin business into run-off. Crawford President and CEO Jeffrey T. Bowman discusses the pros and pitfalls of such a strategy in his spring 2011 "Global View" column in Claims Advisor.
License to Learn: Adopting Consistent Standards in the Adjusting Industry
Claims Advisor - Winter 2010
Our industry has long seen adjusters come and go as catastrophes and economies ebb and flow. But for those who make a career out of adjusting, gaining a license should be the start of their education, not the end. Jeffrey T. Bowman, Crawford's president and CEO, talks about the need for universally recognized certifications and standards for insurance adjusters in this latest installment of his "Global View" column in Claims Advisor.
The Independent Adjuster – The End of the Road?
Claims Canada - February 2011
Unfortunately I have heard rumblings throughout the IA community, about us being a “dying breed”. This concerns me terribly! I have spent my entire career as an independent: it’s what I know and love, and plan to do until I retire. My research attempts to locate the root of these rumblings was not successful. Every industry goes through cycles of “feast and famine”, and every time our industry slows down, the rumblings start about IA’s dying out. We are in another cycle right now, where “famine” has set in with many firms.