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Protecting Growth and Clients Amidst the Unpredictable
Claims Management – September 17, 2012
In a time of reduced frequency, we typically see greater insourcing of claims management, and that’s certainly the case right now. How can claims organizations and individuals alike take greater control of our destiny?

“Every profession has its challenges, and it’s no different for independent claims organizations. We all deal with unfortunate and unwelcome events that can be difficult for both claimants and claims adjusters. Knowing that we can assist claimants in dealing with their losses—as per the provisions of their insurance policies—helps. As one of our adjusters, Laurie Rasberry, said in the June 2012 edition of Claims Management, ‘We allow individuals to heal not just from the material aspect of a loss, but also from the emotional element of it, as well, and that is very rewarding.’

One of the biggest and probably best-known challenges our industry faces is the unpredictable nature of catastrophes. Last year set a record for insured losses: $105 billion worldwide, according to MunichRe…”
Emerging Global Risks Are Poised to Impact Adjusters
Claims Management - June 12, 2012
The global insurance industry is growing, and, as last year showed, catastrophes don’t just happen in the U.S. If we are entering a period of more numerous and severe catastrophes, it is essential that we be more prepared than ever.

“Everyone expects hurricanes to hit Florida from time to time, and planning and preparation efforts reflect that reality. The state aggressively promotes hurricane preparedness well in advance of storm season, and television stations cover advancing storms with relentless regularity. Though not everyone complies with suggestions to get ready, at least they are forewarned. That’s not true everywhere, most particularly in areas of emerging catastrophe risk.

For example, in the 30 years prior to 2010, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for 13 percent of insurer dollars lost due to natural catastrophes, on average. Last year, earthquakes in New Zealand, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and flooding in Thailand and Australia helped bring that number to 61 percent, according to MunichRe…”
Surviving Amidst Claims Handling Automation
Claims Management - March 22, 2012
"The insurance world is undergoing a revolution today, and it’s not a quiet one. Led by the need for cost-cutting thanks to a brutal economy and competitive pressures, insurance offerings supported by technology are gaining in popularity. This is most obvious with auto coverage, with various companies heavily and humorously (green lizard, anyone?) promoting their Web-based and mobile capabilities.

Their business model has proven successful. In 2011, for the first time, a majority of new buyers of auto insurance initiated their policy purchases by applying for a rate quote online, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2011 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study…”
Claims Conversation
Top Broker - January 2012
In this article from the January Edition of Top Broker Magazine, John Sharoun, CEO of Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. discusses the most pressing issues around loss activity today
Top Disasters of 2011
Claims Management - January 2012
In this cover story, published in the inaugural issue of Claims Management, several Crawford & Company claims professionals share their thoughts on the record-breaking year for severe weather.
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Restoring Order in Chaos
Claims Magazine - January 2012
Both Zurich and Swiss Re have estimated that catastrophe-related economic losses in 2011 will be around $350 billion, the highest in recent memory. The year included the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, a highly destructive earthquake in New Zealand, flooding in Thailand and severe storms in the United States beginning in April and continuing through Hurricane Irene in August. In this cover story, Crawford's CEO Jeffrey Bowman discusses this unprecedented year of global natural catastrophes and the lessons claims organizations can learn from them.