Environmental Liability

Environmental Liability

Increasing environmental legislation means that claims involving an environmental aspect have never been more important or more complex to manage. Crawford's team of experts are available to assist across all aspects of environmental liability including third party issues; quantum, including any regulatory costs and penalties; current and new legislation.

Services Include

  • Specialist skills to investigate the cause, quantify the loss and determine legal liability aspects in the aftermath of any pollution incident
  • A fully integrated claims management process involving Crawford personnel from a variety of technical backgrounds
  • Working in partnership with others specialists, independent environmental consultant engineers and our own technical claims staff
  • Quantification of financial loss by in-house forensic accounting team
  • Unmatched experience, knowledge and observance of statutory obligations
  • Detailed statement taking from witnesses
  • Assessment of subrogation opportunities and rigorous pursuit of recoveries
  • Access to wider global network of expert staff


  • Ability to provide a seamless integrated claims service irrespective of the size or complexity of the claim by deploying specialist teams with relevant professional and industry expertise
  • Significant capacity across all Australian states and territories
  • Information obtained is carefully distilled into coherent advice regarding causation, legal liability, indemnity, quantum and recovery.
  • Our in-house Financial and Forensic Accounting team work alongside our liability adjusters to provide immediate assistance in developing claims mitigation and settlement strategies.
  • Web-based claims tracking system


For information, please contact:

Derham Daymond
National Liability Manager
T: +61 (0) 3 8646 9662
M: +61 (0) 422 003 252
E: derham.daymond@crawco.com.au