Subrogated Recovery Assistance

Subrogated Recovery Assistance

Subrogation and recovery services are an integral part of the successful adjustment of casualty losses. We are routinely involved in identifying and pursuing avenues of subrogation and recovery and offer a variety of options to meet the unique needs of each client.

Services Include

  • Developing strategies for the conduct of the recovery action
  • Maximising recovery results by adherence to detailed standard operating procedures
  • Claims payment and treasury functions
  • Ability to trace and obtain orders on funds and assets
  • Obtain injunctions to restrain a person from leaving the jurisdiction
  • Provide evidence to support a claim going to litigation
  • Full consultation throughout the litigation process
  • Preparation of expert witness reports and ability to act as expert witnesses
  • Immediate notification of the client upon identification of recovery potential
  • Management of the recovery aspect in parallel with the material damage available upon agreement


  • Recovery specialists with jurisdictional subrogation expertise
  • Seamless subrogation referral process
  • In-house investigation and asset tracking resource
  • Benchmarked recovery rates and life cycles
  • Reduced escalation of cases to litigation and involvement of solicitors
  • Extensive management information capabilities
  • Robust and targeted approach to recoveries significantly improves recovery ratios without any affect upon the customer experience


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