When the clock is ticking, you need a quick and professional response. Crawford's reporting centre, CLAIMSALERT®, specializes in giving you the quick service you expect and the courteous help your customers need. Since 1997, CLAIMSALERT has been providing a full range of inbound and outbound services to all of our clients.

Services Include

  • After-hours answer and dispatch services.
  • Assistance with claims processing and tending to immediate needs in times of emergency.
  • Conducting telephone surveys and customer satisfaction assessments.
  • Appointment setting services.
  • Receiving and documenting confidential incident reports, and ethics & compliance reporting services.
  • Managing sales lead generation and referral services.
  • Performing direct mail follow-ups.
  • Warranty administration / product recall services.
  • Workforce management.
  • Performance standard audits.
  • Quality assurance programs.


  • Around-the-clock service.
  • Fast responsive times.
  • Customized programs utilizing our advanced customer interaction technology.
  • Advanced, performance-enhancing database system.
  • Experienced staff with an acute awareness of the unique requirements of the insurance industry.
  • Bilingual staff with instant access to translators for up to 140 languages.
  • Superior customer service.


For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Virley
Vice President, Central Intake & Administration
519-593-2673 or 1-877-579-8990 x2673