Property Technical Certification

All around us, certifications bring ease to customers relying on those with technical skills to provide a professional level of service. When seeing a doctor, we trust that he or she has been through rigorous training to suggest a preventative health plan. We expect our lawyer has passed a demanding series of courses to guide us through the law.  We should expect the same level of service from adjusters as insurance professionals.

PTC-Logo -webThe Property Technical Certification (PTC) is an assessment-based technical certification program for the property claims industry that:

  • Provides online coursework and training to learners to build their property technical knowledge, skills, and competencies, standardizing the knowledge required to properly estimate property claims.
  • Evaluates learners' achievement of the program goals.
  • Awards a certificate only to those who meet performance, proficiency and passing standards.

The PTC program is a three part program. PTC I and II curriculum is now available for purchase. PTC I consists of 12 courses covering all of the foundational elements of property claims handling. PTC II is a comprehensive perspective on all external aspects of adjusting including topics such as roofing, siding, framing and commercial claims handling.  All of the courses are also certified for continuing education credit. Upon completion of the 12 courses, the PTC I designation will be awarded.

PTC III is in development and will be available in winter 2013.  For a full list of courses and accreditation, click here.