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January Featured Article: Technological Advances in Three-Dimensional Printing
February Featured Article: Investigating Medical Billing Fraud
March Featured Article: Recalls, Electronics and Computers
April Use of Forensic Accountants in Claim Calculation


January The Polar Vortex
February A 21st Century Plague: Cyber Attacks
March Insurance Protection for Cyber Attack Loss
April Same-Sex Marriage and the Impact on Claims
May The Effects of Fire on Homes on Businesses
June Catastrophe Bonds: A Closer Look
July Featured Article: Are Drones the Wave of the Future?
August Featured Article: Claim Expectations Across Generations
September The Polar Vortex
October Featured Article: The Need for Surety Bonds
November Featured Article: Social Media Useful in Discovery and Trial Preparation


January Exploring Explosion Claims
February Cyber Security and Privacy Issues
March Robotics in Our Future
April Adjuster Safety
May Gun Violence at Schools and Colleges
June Technology Malpractice
July Contact Sports and Head Injuries
August Responding to Major Storms – Autos and Property Claims
October Insurance as Applicable to the Terrorism Peril
November When Travelling for Work Who Really Covers Your Car?
December Plumb Foolishness: When You Have a Claim You Must Notify Your Insurer