Training Methods

Training Methods

At Crawford Educational Services, we understand that businesses need to provide quality training for your employees, but budget and time constraints can make providing this training difficult.  That is why we deliver our industry-leading training by experienced industry experts in a variety of methods both virtually and in-person. We combine or utilize these methods based on the class material to ensure your employees receive the best education possible with the least amount of time and expense.


At our National Training Center in Atlanta, GA, we provide comprehensive, hands-on instruction by expert instructors who collectively have more than six decades of claims adjusting experience.

We combine in-class instruction and practical application with online course material. With this approach, the online course material precedes and supplements in-person, on-site training, therefore enabling the transfer of knowledge to students online, in advance of classroom learning, which means:

  • In-class instruction time is shorter, reducing time and expense of travel. 
  • Students arrive for classroom instruction better prepared and ready to learn more in a shorter time than they would with classroom instruction alone. 
  • Instruction quality improves because time in the classroom can be used to apply the basic knowledge gained online to practical situations, such as case-study-based learning. 
  • Online follow-up courses can reinforce and continue learning after classroom sessions end.

Instructor Led Virtual Classes

Instructor Led Virtual Classes deliver live instruction from a professional trainer via web conference. Students benefit from live interaction with our professional trainers from the comfort of their workstation. The result is all the benefits of in-person training without the expense of travel.

Hardware requirements for these classes include a personal computer, webcam and phone. A telephone headset is also recommended, but not required, as participants are encouraged to work on class assignments while participating in the discussions. None of the required hardware is supplied with the class.

On-Site Training

On-site training at your facility provides the benefit of personal instruction by an industry expert while eliminating the time and expense of travel and ensuring consistent content for all attendees. Our on-site training program includes:

  • An instructor with 15-plus years experience and all applicable professional certifications
  • All handouts and materials
  • Customization of any regular class to meet your business needs.

Online Training

Through KMC On DemandSM, we deliver a wide variety of claims training to your desktop, eliminating the time and expense of travel. Whether you select individual courses or sign up for a complete custom program, KMC On Demand can deliver the information you need, when you need it, at a price you can afford.

KMC On Demand courses consist of a series of online learning modules that provide relevant, practical information on the given topic. To view a list of available courses, click here. We will continue to expand our course offering throughout the year, so check back often!

The course modules are launched from our Learning Management System and are delivered in an attractive Flash format, rich in audio and visual content. Modules typically include a pretest, introduction, content presentation, case examples, study questions, lesson summary and a final assessment.

Custom Training

If you need to coordinate training for your entire company, we can customize our standard content or build your own online learning modules with KMC On Demand's Learning Management System or Learning Content Management System. Both systems offer robust management and tracking features that will help your business stay on track. With customized class content, you'll get expert instruction tailored to your business's training goals. Customized programs can address your business's issues specifically either online or in a classroom setting.