Business Interruption

Business Interruption

One of the primary drivers of intelligent resolution is having a full grasp of how all claims issues are contributing to interruptions to clients' business. Business interruption is an integral part of our  claims management approach, because, whatever the origination of the claim, it always has the potential to escalate the losses if not rigorously managed. Crawford's tailored approach responds to any size of business, from corner shop to multi-national.

Services Include

  • Considering loss mitigation strategies
  • Gathering information and financial records 
  • Analysing historical trend data
  • Researching benchmark data
  • Reviewing budgets and forecasts 
  • Applying modelling techniques to predict outcomes 
  • Evaluating anticipated revenue
  • Calculating rates of gross profit and rates of payroll 
  • Determining savings of insured overheads


  • Our Financial Risks teams possesses a full range of skills, ensuring a technically sound financial evaluation combined with a thorough understanding of the business and insurance issues.
  • We work seamlessly with our team of property adjusters to provide immediate assistance in developing claims mitigation and settlement strategies.
  • We create substantial indemnity savings by avoiding the use of external consultants.
  • Over estimates of projected business performance are corrected.
  • All costs that are not incremental in nature are identified.


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