Fraud Investigation

Fraud Investigation

Crawford's Financial and Forensic team provides specialised investigation services to detect and manage the growing incidence and cost of insurance related fraud.

Services Include

  • Identification of the full extent of the problem
  • Establish the quantum of loss
  • Interviewing witnesses and suspects including preparing necessary statements 
  • Liaising with the law enforcement and regulatory bodies
  • Retrieving and examining electronic hard copy evidence
  • Reconstructing of incomplete accounting records and document trails
  • Assist in the preparation of a Statement of Claim
  • Delivering testimony where required
  • Reviewing the potential for recovery including asset tracing


  • In-house fraud investigation and recovery action expertise
  • An outcome driven focus on fast and effective resolution and reducing claims management and legal costs
  • Ability to search company, real estate and vehicle ownership using a range of government and commercial databases
  • Our Successful asset tracing that involves experience, judgement, creative thinking and a mix of financial analysis, investigation and legal skills applied with precision and speed.
  • Our team has the Ability to undertake a full investigation into policy or legal liability which will include a detailed understanding of the circumstances of the fraud
  • With A comprehensive array of investigative techniques, from intelligence gathering to analysis, preparation of evidence briefs and presentation at court, we are able to that deliver an effective investigation and early settlement.


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