Employer/Corporate Services

Employer/Corporate Services

Employees' illnesses, injuries and absences cost Canadian corporations billions of dollars each year. Crawford's Human Risk Services recognizes this and offers employers a customized solution to consolidate their disability and absenteeism management needs with one vendor.

Services Include

  • Management of absenteeism; including workers' compensation, short/long term disability and/or casual absences.
  • Remain at work and return to work programs/services offered individually or as packaged solutions.
  • Ergonomics and physical demands analysis.
  • Physician review services.
  • 24/7/365 claims intake by fax, phone or email via our bilingual CLAIMSALERT® contact centre.
  • Crawford CMS Claims Management System™ (part of the Crawford iQ Claims Manager™ platform).
  • Crawford HealthWorks ADVANTAGE, a dynamic interview-based application that captures disability claimant responses and compares them to a database to identify potentially high exposure claims.


  • Proactive management of your disability costs and promotion of a healthy working environment.
  • Identification of your exposures through claims and disability management, absence management, benefits administration and vocational consulting.
  • Reduce lost work time and track absences across one or more benefit sources.
  • Programs tailored to meet the needs of the corporation and worker.
  • Identify trends and find solutions to lower costs of disability and determine workplace safety.
  • Return able workers to their employment.
  • Prompt intake, recording and routing of assignments according to your instructions.
  • Access to state-of-the-art technology which provides fast, secure, accurate and up-to-date claims information.
  • Customized, real-time data capabilities.
  • Earlier identification of potentially high cost or high duration disability claims based on objective medical and psycho-social evidence allows Crawford to implement proactive return to work strategies to control costs and positively impact the outcomes of claims.
  • Crawford HealthWorks ADVANTAGE allows for in-depth, multifaceted analysis of claims data to assist in developing loss reducing programs.


For more information, email info@crawco.ca