Family Law Services

Family Law Services

Providing independent, expert assessment services that offer objective information regarding the employability of contesting parties in spousal support cases.

Services Include

• Assessment of injury information and advisement of the legal team on alternatives
• Vocational expert testimony
• Vocational assessments including aptitude and interest testing
• Transferrable skills analysis [in-person or case file notes review (hypothetical)]
• Career counseling, including job search activities and job coaching
• Labour market research and/or surveys
• Employability assessments
• Physician review services
• Return to work programs
• Crawford CMS Claims Management System™ (part of the Crawford iQ Claims Manager™ platform)


  • Expediting a safe and healthy recovery is our goal.
  • Service-driven and committed to realistic evaluations and outcomes for clients and claimants.
  • Services are offered on an individual task-basis or as a packaged solution.
  • Objective assessments to assist in settling spousal claims.
  • Objective evaluations and assessments to determine client's capabilities and return to work potential.
  • Expert opinions on wage loss and market trends.
  • Identify alternative vocational options for client based on transferable skills.
  • Empower client with viable plans to enter the labour market or increase earning capacity within current labour market.
  • Geographical area coverage.
  • Access to state-of-the-art technology which provides fast, secure, accurate and up-to-date claims information.


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