Audit Services

Audit Services

Crawford's Client Audit Services is an established leader in the industry in providing external review and audit resources in the areas of regulatory compliance, governance, best practices, reserve adequacy, recovery assessment, loss of economic opportunity, legal expense reviews, measurement systems & reports, education, and consulting projects dealing with structure, process, and workflows.

Services Include

  • Extensive pre-audit preparation and design of format or methodology for lines such as accident benefits, auto, property, general liability, and specialized lines.
  • Flexibility in using existing metrics or construction of measurements to verify an operation's conformity with internal procedures and established protocols.
  • Comprehensive reporting packages.
  • Detailed analysis and explanation of results.
  • Action plans and training frameworks such as online courses and seminars.
  • Scheduled maintenance reviews matched to 2-, 3- or 5-year corporate objectives.
  • Monthly supervisory reviews of open files.
  • Development of balanced scorecards to monitor progress, identifying trending.
  • Reporting threshold determination.
  • Reconciliation of loss data.
  • Claims Management System provides access to client-specific review forms and results.
  • Quantification of lost economic opportunities and recovery plans.
  • Expense control, litigation management and medical management.
  • Review of current production processes, procedures and protocols.
  • Audit programs for governance, regulatory compliance, and privacy issues.
  • Creation of best practice guidelines in accordance with corporate objectives and industry standards.


  • Rigorous and comprehensive audits designed to be educational and constructive.
  • Feedback provided throughout entire audit process.
  • Customized recovery plans to pursue funds for overpayments or outstanding subrogation and salvage.
  • Ongoing systems development and support that allow for review/revision of web-based audit forms.
  • Means for maintaining best practices and effective use of resources.

Superior Quality Measurement

The advent of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) in the U.S. and its accompanying Canadian legislations require firms to be held to a high degree of accountability. As the demand for faster service and greater transparency continues to rise, it has become imperative that insurance organizations and providers learn how to effectively deliver consistent performance at the highest standards. Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. understands that achieving superior quality service takes commitment, accountability, planning and execution.

At Crawford, we believe that measurement is critical to understanding the strength of an organization's position in relation to internal benchmarks, industry requirements, regulatory compliance and external competitors. Auditing is a powerful quality management tool that can assist insurance companies, risk managers, brokers and self-insurers in measuring their compliance with essential protocols and quality standards. Our expertly trained and knowledgeable auditors conduct confidential reviews and provide independent and objective assessments.

Investing in our cost-effective services will allow you to establish an environment that is optimal for ensuring a proper balance of high level customer service, superior business confidence and consistent performance within your organization.


For more information, please contact:

Rob Kesteris
Senior Manager, Client Audit Services