Property Appraisal & Mediation Services

Property Appraisal & Mediation Services

Complementary to our comprehensive property loss management services for residential and commercial losses, our mediation/appraisal division assists clients with the appraisal process under provincially regulated insurance matters. Our appraisers will act on behalf of the insurer, post-loss, once the matter has entered the appraisal process.

Services Include

Our in-house team of appraisers leverage the specialized expertise of our vast national network of experts. Our expert adjusters will represent clients as their appointed appraiser on any type of personal or commercial property appraisal to assist in:

  • Determining fair price and valuation
  • Quantifying the value of lost/damaged insured property upon disagreement
  • Resolving disputes concerning the amount of an insured loss



  • Expedite the claims process
  • Resolving challenges of cost to lost or damaged insured property
  • Cost effective alternative to litigation
  • Specialized experts to guide the appraisal process
  • Allows claims professionals to focus on claims handling


For more information, please contact:

John Valeriote
Executive General Adjuster &
Property Appraisal Team Leader

Direct: 647.388.9474