Crawford Command Center

The Crawford Command Center is the latest development in the company's innovative inventory management tools for its U.S. Property & Casualty business. Located in Crawford's World Headquarters, the Command Center houses an experienced team of business analysts who constantly monitor key performance indicators of all open U.S. claims using proprietary software and the latest technology.

Command Center Video

Performance Dashboard

Crawford's proprietary inventory system, the Performance Dashboard, provides an in-depth view of all open inventory in CMS2, the claims management system used by U.S. Property & Casualty operations, on a nationwide basis. It displays all claim volume by territory and by product line. It also provides a graphical representation of claim data on six critical measurements, or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Acknowledgment
  • First contact
  • First report
  • First inspection
  • Status and closing report

Continuous Inventory Monitoring

Business analysts use the Command Center work stations to monitor all open inventory through the Dashboard application, reviewing data, identifying trends and developing initiatives to improve service to clients."

State of the Art Technology

Resembling a smaller version of NASA's launch center, the Command Center contains several rows of sophisticated, double-monitor work stations. Multiple large screens line the front of the room, showcasing the various technologies used within the center. Those include computer-driven remote controls that allow the Center's team to toggle between monitors with satellite television capability and monitors that track Crawford performance. The CAT strategy room next door to the Command Center features a window wall that allows visitors to view the Command Center and Dashboard without disrupting operations.